Our legacy


The ocean is my favorite place to be. Wide and expansive, with depths I will never comprehend,  it makes me feel vulnerable and helpless, and at the same time, all encompassed and safe.  

They say the percentage of water on earth mirrors the amount of water in our own bodies. That in essence, we are made of the same substances as those that comprise the sea and the stars.  There is no separation or distinction. 

I also believe that the health and vibrancy of our earth and that of the ocean reflects our own sanità, not  only our physical health, but our mental soundness as well. 

I propose we start to think of things in a more holistic manner.  I'd love to discuss what we each can do to live in a way that is responsible and sustainable. What changes must we make so we can honor and respect this great gift that sustains us, feeds and waters us, and is a source of much joy and pleasure?