A bit of necessary reflection

A blue heron came to visit on Captiva Island, Florida  

A blue heron came to visit on Captiva Island, Florida  

This past week, by great fortune, instead of shoveling snow, I've found myself shoveling sand. I was able to escape the winter storm that pounded the East Coast and made my way to Captiva Island, Florida in the Gulf of the Mexico.  

While on the beach the other day, a giant blue heron flew down by the water right next to us. I got as close to this statuesque bird as I could, studying his awkward elegance and proud, gangly stance.  He stood tall and calm for such a long while, until the perfect moment when he pierced the water and flew away with his prize catch.

In observing him, it made me take a step back to reflect and reevaluate where I spend my own energy.

Lately I am finding the pace of modern life to be incredibly fast and overwhelmingly unfamiliar. And while I'm grateful for the opportunities it presents, I also feel it has a tendency to push me too fast with little respect for my own natural rhythm. To a certain extent I think everyone feels the unrealistic expectations of being constantly connected and perpetually available in order to seize every presentable opportunity, lest you miss out. 

I wonder if there is something to be said for waiting and listening to yourself to know deep down what feels right; striking when the right opportunity presents itself, instead of frantically snagging every little fish that swims by. 

This year I want to make more deliberate choices in my work and in my life by listening to what is right for me and my needs and those close to me.  

What are the different ways in which you can take a step back and listen to your own soul in order to use your energy and talents more efficiently?