Jewelleah Design creates handmade, one of a kind jewelry. 

We understand that joy is at the very essence of jewelry.  We seek inspiration in the sounds of the sea, afternoon siestas, and delicately layered chains. We believe that good design is a lifestyle and that it stands the test of time. At Jewelleah we seek to find a balance between old world craftsmanship and new world luxury. 

Head designer, Leah Cotorceanu, is heavily influenced by her own multi cultural family and travels. She studied jewelry design and silversmithing in Florence, Italy, where she lived and worked early on her career.  Leah later moved to New Zealand where she worked in fine jewelry as a bespoke designer. Now currently based in Virginia Beach, Leah is working as a goldsmith and continues to incorporate natural motifs in her work.

For inquires and private work, please contact: